Skolahradecns.cz (2022)

School web. Web redesign was carried out with emphasis on better usage of space on bigger and smaller screens and improvements of user experience. Redesign inherits from previous design, updated with cleaner and lighter design features.

Clean the mess! (2019)

Addon that simplifies the way how excessive amount of tabs can be managed. It particularly aims at how to close several repeating tabs at the same domain that remained open from previous visits.

  • screenshot of visual interface of Chean the mess firefox addon
  • screenshot of clean the mess firefox addon

Simple wp calendar (2015)

Custom calendar plugin implementation for wordpress. Independent project, however designed with skolahradecns.cz in mind. Refactored in 2022 in vue.js.

Skolahradecns.cz (2015)

First generation of school web and visual identity.

  • homepage skolahradecns website before redesign
  • Article in skolahracecns.cz (2015)
  • Mobile layout for skolahradecns.cz website