About me

Frontend developer, who is interested in fullstack and has passion for linguistics and graphic design. Always opts for quality to quantity. Focused on details. Always willing to broaden his horizons.

  • born in 1992
  • passion for lego since 1996
  • had first encounters with web development at about 11 y/o (body bgcolor and frames)
  • first published website skoda-auto.wz.cz at about 13 y/o (defunct)
  • gained skills in photoshop and 3d graphics
  • interest in photography, graphics, design and architecture
  • gained some success with photography
  • participated in Rotary Exchange programmes in Turkey in 2009 and 2010
  • growing deeper interest in linguistics and scripts
  • graduated from grammar school in 2012
  • unsuccessful platform for distribution of high school graduation exam materials called mtemata.wz.cz (php, css, defunct)
  • attended Charles University in Prague
  • studied arabic and turkish languages, literature and history
  • attended 101 course programming for corpus linguistics (perl, bash)
  • first major public website (skolahradecns.cz) and visual identity in 2015 (wordpress)
  • went on Erasmus to Ankara, Turkey in 2015
  • summer job in Seznam.cz as a QA tester (e2e testing)
  • went on Erasmus to Berlin, Germany in 2016
  • library catalogization course, catalogizing library at faculty as a part time job
  • returned back to Seznam.cz after Erasmus in 2017
  • worked on test automatization for an nw.js project in Seznam.cz (selenium and jest)
  • published Clean the mess! addon for Firefox (and later for Chrome, vanilla js, later refactor to react)
  • master degree in middle-eastern studies
  • MA thesis uses interdisciplinary methods, its topic combines art, history, magic and palaeography
  • started working as frontend developer in Pelmet in 2019 (typescript, React and other FE stack)
  • several unpublished projects in node, React, React Native and other technologies including a working proof of concept of a geography quizzle game
  • contributions to ElixirFM open source repo (node API and project dockerization, one line fix in Haskell)
  • new web for skolahradecns.cz in 2022 (wordpress, calendar addon written in vue)
  • personal website 2022 (next)

... and counting.

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