About me

Frontend developer exploring the back end. With passion for linguistics and graphic design. Quality to quantity. Focused on details. Always willing to broaden my horizons.

Work experience

  • skolahradecns.cz. Two generations of a school website, its visual identity and a few supporting worpdress addons (2015 and 2022)
    • stack: wordpress, vanilla js, scss, vue, react, php, illustrator

Independent projects

  • published Clean the mess! addon for Firefox (and later for Chrome, vanilla js, later refactor to react)
    • stack: vanilla js > react, scss > vanilla-extract (next version)
  • contributed to Elixir FM, an Arabic morphology analysis tool. I bootstraped the original haskell project in docker image to simplify its deployment on modern stack and prepared a basic API interface for it
    • stack: docker, typescript, express



QA Engineer for Seznam Prohlížeč. I started working in Seznam as a full manual QA Engineer as my summer job. After I came back from Erasmus, I was asked if I wanted to come back and spend another three years only to end up as full-time QA Engineer. I was the leading figure behind efforts of the implementation of automated testing, however unsuccessful at the time, due to different priorities and various technical issues.

stack: javascript, selenium, jest



Front-end developer in a small company. I was hired as a junior developer to help with a complete rewrite of a long-running project. I significantly helped the development of the FE of the app, pushed through the adoption of typescript and was active in enforcing good practices in the codebase, especially with adopting various unit and integration tests and various eslint rules. From time to time I was also helping with the design phase of the project and had a few occasions to contribute to BE part of the project (php).

stack: React, typescript, websocket, jest, webpack, gitlab ci, Adobe XD



Front-end development for a software development agency. Working on a large-scale project for an international client. I have been responsible for the front-end of multiple React and React Native projects, having various opportunities to learn about backend development.

stack: React, React Native, typescript, vite, rollup, Figma, graphql, postgres

For more details on my projects visit portfolio.


2012-2019 FF UK Arabic and Turkish languages, literature and history

MA thesis on Inscriptions on islamic metalwork

  • corpus linguistics 101
    • stack: basics of perl and bash
  • library catalogization course, catalogizing library at faculty as a part time job

Stays abroad

  • 2013 Summer school of Arabic, Tunisia
  • 2015 Erasmus, Turkey Ankara
  • 2016 Erasmus, Germany Berlin